Marina Abramovic. Misfits for the table


Marina Abramovic, pioneer of performance art, has recently launched in a MoMA event her limited edition four-piece porcelain plate set for Bernardaud which is called both Misfit Dinner for Two, if the plates are used together, or A Lonely Dinner for One, if used separately.


Along with the porcelain plates, Abramovic showcased a film directed by Dustin Lynn, Abramović Method – Misfits For The Table, in which she talks of loneliness within a couple’s life and the importance of spending time alone, accepting the genuine and healthy solitude and enjoy it, especially during a daily ritual as eating. “The Abramovic Method for the Table was created for everybody to learn how to ritualize everyday life in the best way possible”, said Marina Abramovic in the film.

Asked during the MoMA event who she would invite for dinner, Abramovic answered:”The Dalai Lama, because he would understand the white star and the red communism very well.”


“The set includes a small bread plate featuring the artist’s own family crest and a dinner plate adorned with a detail from her artwork Golden Lips from 2009. The star-shaped dish represents the communist star, a symbol that was ever-present in Abramović’s childhood and life in ex-Yugoslavia. The golden serving platter was conceived as a counterpart to the star and represents the sun. Set of four.” (MoMA)
The set comes in only 2000 pieces and is sold exclusively in MoMA Design Store (

Bernardaud, French manufacturer of porcelain products and jewellery, also collaborated with other famous artists and designers such as: David Lynch, Jeff Koons, Kara Walker, Magdalena Gerber, Christopher Ong and Sarah Lavoine.

Photo credits: MoMA, Abramovic Method, Bernardaud


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