Charles Petillon. The invasion of the surprise factor


With a worldwide fame as an excellent photographer, Charles Petillon created his first installation with balloons called Invasion. The French photographer shapes metaphors out of white balloons, playing with the emotional significance we give to the two – innocence, non-judgmental discovery, genuine interdependence with nature and returning to the values of  family and micro-community.


The journey through the new medium radically transformed by simply adding the balloons is meant to have a cathartic effect on the viewer who will now understand how to behave in order to create a better future for himself and the entire humanity. In this manner he understands that his life must be lived with purity, without judgment, respecting nature, family and past and never forgetting to let him or herself be bewildered by the surrounding world.


Charles Petillon is known previously as a photographer, but also as an artist, creating his own props and sets and putting to work his origami designs. He previously collaborated with Numéro, Vogue Russia and Muse Magazine, but also with brands as Louis Vuitton, Lancome, Armani or Lanvin.

INVASIONS DE BALLONS by Charles Pétillon on Vimeo

Photo credits: Charles Petillon (


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