Taichi Gondaira. Mapping the Japanese soul


In the same way in which Kawabata’s novels reflect the Japanese sense of beauty, one that is both fragile and pure, the photographs of Taichi Gondaira remind ourselves of the world of tradition and esthetics, one which tells a story about redemption, karma and Satori. The photographs of Gondaira are done using platinum plates and are then printed on the fragile washi paper, trying in this way to keep alive the traditional Japanese art techniques.


“Artist statement: The subconscious reflects to thoughts.
The origin of the consciousness… It is contained in the area of subconsciousness.
A karma, which is an accumulation of one’s own action, is the memory of the far long.
The chaos, that I am at the mercy of karma and of subconscious.
A mind changes innumerably in a moment.
I invest all my life to one moment of consciousness and burn it into my soul.
The resolution is one and only.
Don’t surrender to the world of suffering.
Let one’s spirit release.
Let one’s spirit release.” Taichi Gondaira



view of the past

Photo credits: Taichi Gondaira (http://gon-ta.com)


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