Vipp Shelter. Plug and play getaway


The same Danish brand that created the worldwide used pedal trash bin, item to be found in the permanent MOMA collection, is responsible for the first plug & play house that comes with everything included and where you want it, preferably, so you can really enjoy its features, in the middle of nature.


With the 2015 Wallpaper design award, the 55m2 retreat home named Vipp Shelter is just breathtaking. It features two levels, a light steel structure, a huge living room and a bedroom with glass ceiling. Also, as it has a transparent, glass shell, you are permanently surrounded by nature and tranquility.


“The perfect getaway retreat should by definition be remote, smart but spartanious and surrounded by breathtaking nature. And to get your getaway shouldn’t require lifting any fingers – except the one pointing to where you want it.”   Morten Bo Jensen, Chief Designer Vipp


Photo credits: Vipp (


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