Maiko Takeda and the modern saints


In case you were wondering who created the surreal headpiece worn by Bjork on the Biophilia tour, it’s one of the most creative Japanese young fashion designers, Maiko Takeda.


Takeda is specialized in headpieces and jewellery that transform the person wearing them. The human becomes a saint who regained the halo, an animal with horns that move in the wind, a body that tells a story of shadow, light and fantastical forms that come to life…


Except Bjork, Takeda has collaborated with Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, and Erickson Beamon and is currently working for Issey Miyake on the line of accessories.

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Photo credits: Maiko Takeda


2 thoughts on “Maiko Takeda and the modern saints

    1. Well, these are conceptual fashion creations and are not made to be worn on the street, only on stage. Though, some on Takeda’s stuff could be worn by some daring fashion
      able women. 🙂


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